Software Engineer

André is a detail-oriented software engineer with desire for a simple user experience and clean, organized code. He always strives to improve the product, and embrace efficiency from keyboard shortcuts to JIRA workflows to implementation.


iFit (1+ years)

  • iOS (focused) and Android engineer.
  • Part of the team that delivers iFit's Cardio app for mobile and built-in tablets using Xamarin and MVVM Cross.
  • Architected and implemented a core webview framework for iFit. Later improved performance with a home-built webview preloader and cache.
  • Spearheaded knowledge gathering and implementation of in-app dev-environment switching.
  • Improved and refactored analytics to be sharable with other iFit apps.
  • Incorporated native In-App-Purchases for iOS and Android into our cardio app.
  • ...and much more!

Pandora (3 years)

  • Architected and led the refactor to support Pandora Premium features in multiple automotive integrations. iOS lead for implementation.
  • Delivered and maintained Pandora on CarPlay. Apple's developer point of contact.
  • Redesigned iOS and Android Chromecast code to improve expandability and cleanliness.
  • Influenced and developed beautiful new Chromecast UI with smooth animations.
  • Migrated HTML5 app from Perforce code to Git and introduced git submodules.
  • Designed and implemented a flexible version serving mechanism for our HTML5 app.
  • Initiated a developer documentation refresh for all existing Automotive projects.

Apple (Internship)

  • Delivered "Now Trending" & Social Sharing features for new iPad Apple Store App.
  • Abstractly coded Objective-C to render a server-driven native client experience.
  • Implemented server-side Java code to support Trending and Social features.

Amazon Music (Internship)

  • Android development for Amazon’s music applications.
  • Owned layout support for Amazon’s (new) Kindle Fire HD 8.9”.
  • Refactored UI layouts to share code across all three new Kindle Fires.